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Prompt Tinting Services for Your Vehicle

Give Your Vehicle New Shades

No matter the type of vehicle you drive around, Pro Tech Audio can give your vehicle a new and sleek look with professional window tinting services. Our team of experts combines
functionality and high-performing products together to bring you the best in automotive tint.
We offer a wide selection of tint levels to help you get the ideal look and shade for your vehicle. The installation process is quick, and our experts are available to install your tint, usually, the same day. We can help you in choosing the right tint level.

Why Tint Your Vehicle's Windows

  • Keeps your vehicle cooler
  • Protects the interior of your vehicle
  • Blocks out harmful UV rays
Tinting your vehicle's windows is beneficial and can increase the value of your vehicle. The tint acts as a barrier for your vehicle and helps to keep you and your passenger cooler throughout the summer months. In addition, the tint helps keep the sun's rays out of your vehicle so that your car's interior won't crack and fade.

Protect Your Vehicle and Yourself

We have a wide variety of tint options available for you to choose from. Visit us to view the different tint levels we have in stock and choose the best one according to your need.
Our tint options include a film that lasts for three years up to a lifetime. Pro Tech Audio's tint selections provide your vehicle with the privacy you want while driving down the road. You never have to worry about who is looking at you or who is peering into your vehicle while you are inside the store.
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